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Bob Bennett, B.A., M.A., J.D. Representation of Anthony Graves

1. Senators Whitmire and Ellis, Representative Thompson

   "Legislation Addressing Grievance for Prosecutorial Misconduct"

       a. Effective September 1, 2013. Also known as the Michael Morton Law. (Statute of Limitations does not run              until "wrongfully imprisoned person is released from a penal institution.")

       b. "A Bill to Be Entitled An Act"


2. Anothny Graves Timeline


3. Falkenberg: Graves' prosecutor won't go away. Houston Chronicle March 2, 2011. (two pages)


4. February 28, 2014 State Bar of Texas, Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel letter to Robert S. Bennett  finding             that the grievance filed against Charles J. Sebesta, Jr. alleges Professional Misconduct  and requires him to           file a response. View here.


5. Lillian B. Hardwick Ethics Opinion re. Grievance regarding Charles Sebesta, July 27, 2007;

    used to support first grievance filed against Sebesta in 2007 that was dismissed by the Office of Chief                     Disciplinary Counsel as untimely filed. 


6. Questions & Answers Sheet prepared for Anthony Graves grievance filed against Charles Sebesta.


7. Sources of Information & Contacts Regarding Anthony Graves Case.


8. Statement of Facts in Support of Grievance against Charles Sebesta


9. Former Texas Death Row Inmate Anthony Graves to File Grievance Against Former Burleson County District Attorney Charles Sebesta - Press Release here


10. Texas State Senator John Whitmire's Letter to Linda Acevedo regarding Anthony Graves' grievance against Charles Sebesta. January 29, 2014.


11. Anthony Graves' Letter to Gaines West in support of Robert Bennett's reinstatement to the Bar. April 7, 2014.


12. HOUSTON- Texas Dean of the Senate Requests the State Bar of Texas and the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel; Linda Acevedo to Promptly and Properly Investigate the Complaint Filed by Former Texas Death Row Inmate Anthony Graves. Press Release here


13. Charles Sebesta's judgment of disbarment. June 11, 2015

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