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1. April 27, 2015

     360Law Looks At The Appellant's Disbarment Case: What Was Right And Not So Right About The Article


2. May 15, 2015 - Bar Expert Finds Prosecutor Misleading In Case Of Disbarment


3. May 28, 2015

     Those who are following the Judge Carmen Kelsey case, have seen the Order that our Reply Brief is due June 8th. We now have 25+ Amicus Curiae Briefs filed at the 14th Court of Appeals ( You can also find these Briefs at ( . Under the “ Letters” section of our site, we now have over 100+ Letters of support, and if you would like to join our efforts to improve the grievance system, and help eliminate prosecutorial misconduct consider submitting your own letter. Many have also voiced their dismay with how former Juvenile Judge Carmen Kelsey failed to understand what the case was about and how she abuse her judicial discretion in the case. Your opinions about her can be posted at:( ( and at: ( Be sure to state your opinions in the “Comments” section and vote to “retain” or “remove” this particular judge.  Please contact our office if you have any concerns or questions about these suggestions.


4. June 11, 2015

     Sometimes the Commission gets it right. After several grievances were filed, Charles Sebesta, the lawyer that wrongly condemned Anthony Graves to death by withholding evidence in a trial proceeding was disbarred. The judgment of disbarment can be seen here.


5. June 15, 2015

  • Working on my presentation before the Texas Supreme Court Grievance Oversight Committee for Friday, June 19, 2015 at 8:00 a.m.   We are to have breakfast and see how we can improve the Grievance System. Will keep you informed about what is said and done.

  • Former District Attorney Charles Sebesta can no longer practice law. He will appeal the Order but his chances are slim to none for a reversal. Why did Chief Disciplinary Counsel not file charges against Assistant District Attorney William Torrey who was involved in all the decisions Sebesta made.  Is it too late to file against him? He is now the Milam County District Attorney in Cameron, Texas. If he did what he did in the Graves case, what else has Torrey done in the last 23 years since Graves was arrested in 1992?

  • Put on your schedule  our upcoming CLEs. 


6. June 18, 2015

     Read Lillian Hardwick's letter to the Grievance Oversight Committee here.


7.  JUNE 19, 2015:



8. July 6, 2015

     Duty of Defense Counsel and Judges Article - view it here.


9. July 6, 2015

     No. 13-1026, Royston, Rayzor, Vickery & Williams, LLP v. Lopez & No. 14-0109, In re Royston, Rayzor, Vickery & Williams, LLP - The Petitioner law firm seeks to enforce an arbitration agreement contained in its engagement agreement with its former client. The respondent client contends that the law firm had an ethical obligation to explain the effect of the arbitration provision and that the provision is illusory and unconscionable. In a unanimous opinion by Justice Johnson, the Court held that the client did not show that the provision is substantively unconscionable or prove any other defense to arbitration. Justice Guzman filed a concurring opinion (joined by Justices Lehrmann and Devine). The concurrence urges that new disciplinary rules are needed to more clearly and specifically address attorneys' obligations to explain to their clients the effect of arbitration provisions included in the engagement agreement. - See more at:


10. September 16, 2015, Texas Lawyer Article: Court Hears Argument in High-Profile Disbarment of Robert S. Bennett


11. Post Oral Argument Summary


12. Contacting the Sunset Commission

13. Filing of Judicial Complaint against former Judge Carmen Kelsey with the Commission for Judicial Conduct


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